Saturday, May 25, 2013

Democrats Crowd Women's Spring Luncheon For Attorney General Eric Schneiderman

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman brought a bursting to the seams crowd of over 150 people to the Annual Women's Spring Luncheon at the Fort William Henry Hotel in Lake George Friday, May 17th.  AG Schneiderman spoke about his rise through the State Senate, his tenure as New York State's highest elected official and the cause of bringing justice and progressive politics to state government.

Also speaking was Leecia Eve,  NYS Deputy Secretary for Economic Development, Mark Streb, of the State Department of State, presenting Governor Cuomo, and Dave Connors, Regional Representative for Senator Gillibrand, who read a message from the Senator.  Warren County Chair Lynne Boecher also read a statement of congratulations from Rep. Bill Owens.  

A large number of elected Democratic officials attended led by State Senator Neil Breslin, Warren County Judge John Hall, Glens Falls Mayor Jack Diamond, Saratoga Springs Supervisor and Mayoral Candidate Joanne Yepsen, Glens Falls Councilman-At-Large Dan Hall, Queensbury Town Councilman and Supervisor candidate John Strough,  Moreau Town Supervisor Preston Jenkins, Glens Falls Councilman Ben Driscoll, and Warren County Supervisors Bill Kenney, Bill Loeb, Peter McDevitt, Dan Girard, Bill Mason, David Strainer and Ron Vanselow.

The luncheon represented the premiere of the new North Country Democratic Women's Political Action Committee.

The full selection of over 150 images can be seen on our Picasa album.

Warren County Judge John Hall welcomes Attorney General Schneiderman

Senator Breslin talks with Attorney General Schneiderman before the luncheon

Warren County Chair Lynne Boecher and Washington County Chair and State Democratic Party Executive Committee Chair Sheila Comar introduce Deputy Secretary Leecia Eve

Leecia Eve talks about the priority of economic development in the Cuomo Administration

North Country Democratic Women's Political Action Committee Chair and State Committee member Patricia Dudley introduces Attorney General Schneiderman


AG Schneiderman spoke at length on a variety of issues before his office

 He cracked some jokes, too!

Cuomo representative Mark Streb conveyed Governor Cuomo's support 


Senator Gillibrand's Regional Representative Dave Connors read a message of congratulations from Senator Gillibrand

 Left to right, former Glens Falls Mayor Frank O'Keefe, Hall campaign manager Dennis Tarantino, Ann Hall, Judge Hall and guests place their orders

Lee Braggs of the Glens Falls NAACP thanks Leecia Eve for coming up on her own time to speak

Attorney Julie Garcia with Sen. Breslin

Left to right, AG Schneiderman at lunch with Patricia Dudley and Lynne Boecher

Scott Martel of Plumbers & Steamfitters Local 773 talks with Den Tarantino

Judge Hall with campaign manager and former Assembly candidate Dennis Tarantino

Larry  Bulman, former Saratoga County Chair and Political Director of the United Association, talks with Dan Hall and Dan Girard

Mark Streb with Joanne Yepsen

 Josslyn Johnson and former Glens Falls Councilman-At-Large Dick Dudley

Lynne Boecher with Matt Scollin of Rep. Owens office

Glens Falls Mayor Jack Diamond and Pat Dudley


Ann Hall (standing) gets her seat from Betty O'Brien

Lynne Boecher thanks Attorney General Schniederman for coming

The afternoon ended with a drawing for wine donated by  Rob & Tina Doin of Adirondack Wine Merchants

A lucky Warren County Vice Chair Tom McDonough collects his prize

Sheila Comar thanks everyone for coming

Thanks to our generous sponsors!

Platinum Sponsors:

Robert and Jean Flacke
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Committee to Re-Elect Judge John Hall
Warren County Democratic Committee
Washington County Democratic Committee
Granville Democratic Committee: Nicholas Silitch, Chair
Warren County Democratic Supervisors: Bill Mason, Bill Loeb, Dan Girard, Ron Vanselow, Peter McDevitt, Dave Strainer

Gold Sponsors:
Saratoga County Democratic Committee: Todd Kerner, Chair
Adirondack Wine Merchants: Rob and Tina Doin, Owners   
John and Chris Strough
Dean and Lynne Boecher
Richard and Patricia Dudley

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