Friday, September 21, 2012

United Transportation Union Endorses Tarantino For Assembly!

Assembly candidate Dennis Tarantino announced today that his race for the open seat in the new 114th District has been endorsed by the United Transportation Union, AFL-CIO.

According to Samuel J. Nasca, New York State Legislative Director for the United Transportation Union, Tarantino’s history, credentials and “vast experience in politics and ancillary activities” well positioned him for the New York State Assembly.   

“I am honored to receive the endorsement of the United Transportation Union,” Tarantino  said.  “I also appreciate the contribution the UTU makes to our state.  I am grateful for labor support again and I look forward to working with the United Transportation Union in Albany in January.”  

  The union will be alerting its members of Tarantino’s candidacy, and will be working for his election November 6th, according to Legislative Director Nasca.  The union represents rail,   private and public transportation and aviation workers across New York State.  

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