Monday, September 22, 2014

Schneiderman, Hochul Come To The Fort William Henry To Honor Warren County's "Fabulous Four"

The Warren County Democratic Committee's Fabulous Four Tribute brought Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and Lt. Governor candidate Kathy Hochul to the Fort William Henry in Lake George for a tribute to the "Fab Four" honorees.

The honorees are Frank O'Keefe, Tom McDonough, Bob Flacke and Larry Bulman.  They have all made great contributions to our community and the Democratic Party over the years.  

For a much larger photo album with 150 pictures of this event with many more people go to our Fab Four Album

Tom McDonough and his daughters

Bob Flacke and Family

Larry Bulman with Scott Martel of local 773

Vicki Bulman with Warren County Chair Lynne Boecher

Larry Bulman talks with Lynne Boecher

Glens Falls City Judge Candidate Betty Donahue talks with Supervisor Pete McDevitt

Washington County Chair and State Executive Chair Sheila Comar (standing) talks with Lee Braggs of the NAACP and Glens Falls City Chair Roy Thomas

Master of Ceremonies and 2012 Assembly Candidate Dennis Tarantino introduces the special guests and honorees

Betty Donahue with former Glens Falls Supervisor Bill Loeb

Lynne Boecher speaks

Cuomo Representative Mark Streb waits with Attorney General Eric Schneiderman (both standing) as former Glens Falls Councilman-At-Large Dick Dudley and State Committee woman Patricia Dudley (both seated, left) listen

Eric Schneiderman salutes the honorees

Bulman, McDonough, Boecher, Schneiderman, O'Keefe and Flacke

Den Tarantino presents Bob Flacke

organizing committee member Jennifer Switzer with Bulman and Boecher

Lt. Governor Candidate Kathy Hochul adds her tribute to the honorees

Warren County Committeeman Ralph Farrell speaks with Senator Neil Breslin

Ralph Farrel with Kathy Hochul

Kathy Hochul talks with Moreau Supervisor Preston Jenkins

Committeeman and committee photographer Larry Dudley finally gets his picture with Kathy Hochul

A panorama of the more than 160 people present

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