Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Letter to the editor: Support Woman’s Equality ticket


Statewide 53,802 votes were cast in
2014 on the governor's line under the Women's Equality Party Line, hence
New York state's Board of Elections recognizes this party in New York

Candidates: Larry Cleveland for sheriff, Claudia Braymer
Glens Falls Ward 3 county supervisor, Jennifer Switzer Queensbury Ward 4
councilwoman, and Rick Garrand Queensbury Ward 3 councilman were vetted
and endorsed by the Women's Equality Party as well as the Democratic
Party here in Warren County.

The chairman of the Warren County
Republican Committee sued to keep the line off the ballot this year in
Warren County. The court challenge prevailed on a technicality.
Interesting enough, the Women's Equality Party does appear on this
year's ballots in neighboring counties.

A vote for Cleveland,
Braymer, Switzer and Garrand is a vote for Women's Equality here in
Warren County. Their names appear on Row A. Please support these fine


Letter to the editor: Support Woman’s Equality ticket

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